Maintenance tips for your Honda

A car runs on petrol, diesel or gas, but it is more than just a machine that needs gas to function. You will also need to take care of it by servicing the parts, changing the engine oil on a regular basis and checking for any repairs; getting them fixed if you find any. You can get your car serviced using the Honda Service coupons at the service center and you could also get a discount. To avail the Honda service coupons, you will have to register your car on the Honda Owners’ Website.

Here are some tips to maintain your car parts during the service intervals:

  • Brakes & Brake pads: All your four breaks have brake wear indicators, if your brake pads need to be changed your tires will make a screeching sound acting as an indicator for you to change the pads. If you don’t manage to change them in the nick of time they will continue to make the screeching sound on a more regular basis. You can get them replaced during the service using your Honda service coupons but they might not last till your next service. Change the brake fluid when it gets over, also check if there are any leaks for the brake fluid to blow out.
  • Fuel: You can choose between gasoline and detergent gasoline for your Honda. The recommended one is the detergent gasoline as it does not allow the settlement or build-up of any deposits in your engine or fuel system. All the gasolines contain sulfur and a slight sulfur odor attached to it, this is normal. But if the odor is too bothersome for you to handle, then you must visit a Honda service center. Get the weather fuel in your vehicle, the winter/summer fuel have been blended accordingly to prevent hot or cold start problems.
  • Timing belts: Timing belts are important for your engine to work in an excellent condition. They are ones that keep your pistons and valves working in sync. If your timing belt breaks then it will not only stop the sync between your pistons and valves but also leave you with a great expense to take care of. If in case you face this issue, take your car to a Honda service center and insist on a Honda Genuine Timing Belt. Your Honda service coupons can come in handy at this stage as you will already be spending on the timing belt repair.
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