5 online courses to learn business English communication for non-native speakers

With English as the most used language all over the world, it has become imperative for working professionals to learn the nuances of the language. This is because we have started collaborating with people across continents for our work and business. For all these purposes, the standard medium of communication is English.

English used for everyday communication is quite different from the language used in business context. There are certain ways of writing and speaking English that have to be followed by professionals. The nuances and intricacies of the language are usually lost for people who are non-native speakers of the language. Non-native speakers are those who use English as their second language. If you want to learn or improve your business communication in English, here are 5 online English classes that teach effective business communication:

  1. Business English Basics: This course focuses on reading skills, vocabulary, use of correct tone, and style of language for professional communication and to analyze business data. This comprehensive and basic course helps a learner to describe and talk about events and things in a business context.
  2. English for Effective Business Writing: With a focus on business writing skills, this course helps in understanding different writing genres of business communication. This course covers business emails, executive summaries, persuasive communication, and how to adapt your content to your audience and purpose.
  3. English for Effective Business Speaking: This online English class works on your vocabulary, grammar, spoken communication skills for business purpose, pronunciation, and delivery of professional speeches. This course is quite helpful if you want to give effective job interviews.
  4. Business English for Cross-cultural Communication: This course is helpful to understand how communication works in cross-cultural settings. You will learn about potential miscommunication and misunderstanding that may arise due to ineffective or wrong use of the language.
  5. Write Professional Emails in English: Conducted by the Georgia Tech Language Institute, this course enables a learner to improve their English skills, especially in the context of business communication. This course focuses solely on writing effective emails in English. Along with grammar and vocabulary skills, this course helps to improve email writing skills as well.
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