Five low-carb foods with surprisingly easy recipes

Those who want to lose weight, or maintain their fitness, tend to stay away from carbohydrates completely. You’ll gain weight if you eat this nutrient, they say. This is far from truth. If you have an active lifestyle and have an exercise routine in place, you need carbohydrates. The nutrient boosts energy in your body. And if you don’t consume this, your body will automatically consume the protein stored in your muscles, which ideally shouldn’t be happening. The best thing to do is eat low-carb foods. Here are five super healthy, low-carb recipes to get you started.

Berry and kale smoothie
Both berries and kale boost metabolism in your body, and are known as two of the healthiest food items. Blend the two together with some fat-free yogurt and a bit of butter. This latter two will provide a rich yet relatively lightweight consistency. You can have this fat-free snack item any time of the day; and it won’t take you much time to finish it. You can also add nuts and honey to add protein and enhance the texture and flavor of the smoothie.

Spaghetti in tomato sauce
Tomatoes are packed with antioxidants, which every nutritionist recommends. Well-seasoned spaghetti with some red sauce is an exciting dish to have, especially for the weight watchers. Make a homemade tomato sauce with some extra virgin olive oil; boil some tomatoes, peel and churn them into a puree, followed by cooking it in some olive oil. You can also throw in some fresh vegetables and crumbled cheese on top to make your spaghetti dish healthier. This healthy low-carb recipe is ideal for lunch and dinner.

Toast and banana
Whole-wheat bread is packed with carbs. Here’s how you can create a low-carb snack item. Just spread some peanut butter on a toasted bread slice. For the toppings, add freshly-cut banana, honey, crushed almonds and raisins. This healthy low-carb recipe is ideal for breakfast as well as an evening snack.

Croutons soup/salad
Croutons add a great crunch to your green salads. Cut veggies like onion, tomato, rocket lettuce and cucumber. Add a drizzle of olive oil to it. Season it with salt, pepper and vinegar or lemon juice. Add your crunchy croutons, before serving. For the soup, just add a few toasted croutons to your healthy soup with a dash of cream and spices, and there you have a scrumptious soup. No wonder, this is a meal in itself.

Garlic spinach
This is the simplest of all low-carb dishes. Heat olive oil in a pan, add crushed garlic and toss it. Now, add the chopped spinach leaves. Make sure to clean it properly. Next goes in the salt and pepper. Stir-fry the greens for 2 minutes, and switch off the flame. Before serving, add a pinch of toasted sesame seeds on top of the cooked spinach for a nice texture. Have this nutritious dish with a slice of freshly baked bread, and enjoy the low-carb plate of greens to the hilt!

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