Health complications due to liver diseases

Any medical condition which results in causing damage to or disease of the liver can be termed as a liver disease. Causes of liver diseases range from common viral infections to commonly transmitted diseases which cause liver damage.

There are hundreds of types of liver diseases, but they all lead to commonly noticeable health complications, which include the following, alongwith what might be the possible cause or trigger of the said condition.

One of the main functions of your liver is to detoxify and get rid of all the poisonous substances in your system. It helps clear the blood of all chemicals, alcohol and even drugs in the system. However, if the liver ceases to function due to liver diseases; it will not be able to filter out these toxins.

This results in vital organs in your body getting affected due to the toxins accumulating and spreading through the circulatory system over time. Associated symptoms include fatigue, inflammation of the liver, development of bruises and anemia on your body among other noticeable ones.

The liver is a unique organ which can function even if three-fourths of the organ has been surgically removed to save someone from liver cancer or other cancerous liver diseases. Among its vital functions, the liver helps with storage. However, liver diseases can lead to health complications which might force the body to retain more fluids than necessary or required.

Chronic conditions like Hepatitis C, AIDS, EBV are triggers for developing liver diseases which if left unchecked will lead to health complications like eczema, psoriasis, headaches, change in tongue color, weak immune system. Chronic conditions cannot be reversed which is why extra precaution has to be taken if these primary symptoms show up.

Your liver helps store and break down extra sugar to be converted into starch which can be used during starvation to provide your body with the much-needed energy. However, liver disease will limit this functionality which will, in turn, increase your blood sugar levels leading to even more complications. Increased blood sugar levels will lead to hyperglycemia.

Associated symptoms of hyperglycemia include increased thirst, hunger, urination, fatigue, restlessness, weight loss, dry mouth and skin, cardiac arrhythmia and even erectile dysfunction. Liver failure or reduced functionality is connected to vital organs of the body which is why multiple health complications can arise.

Be it mild or severe, any symptoms of liver problems is more than reason necessary to seek medical attention. The sooner the diagnosis, the better will be a treatment for the liver condition and effective I will be.

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