Know the skin ailment: Scalp psoriasis

Scalp psoriasis is one of the most common skin problems, which can be visible and can go worse if left unnoticed. The skin becomes red and patches appear which seem like scales on the scalp. It might so happen that the whole scalp area gets affected or some just a corner of the scalp. But, apart from the scalp, psoriasis can affect other skin areas as well. In most of the cases, it can develop either on the neck, forehead or behind the ears. This sort of a skin problem is sometimes not severe while in other cases it might as well be. Scalp psoriasis can cause irritation, itching, redness and even bleed when the infected area is pressed or combed.

What are the symptoms of scalp psoriasis?
Red patches: In case you see red patches on the scalp, better check out with a dermatologist. In some cases, the patches cannot be noticed, while in another these might get thick and itchy.
Dry scalp: Another symptom is dryness of the scalp, which might as well lead to uneventful bleeding from the cracks on the skin.
Scratching: Dermatologists are of the opinion that scratching makes the patches on the scalp thick and large. You might want to just press it with your hand, but never go on scratching.
Burning sensation: There is sometimes a burning sensation the moment you start scratching the scalp. It is extremely painful.
Temporary hair loss: Constant scratching might cause hair loss. Hence, the dermatologists always ask their patients not to itch or fidget the area.

What are the causes of scalp psoriasis?
Scalp psoriasis starts from the point when a person actually loses the immunity and the cells of the body start growing in an unnatural way. The body does not trash the old and dry cells; neither can it stop the growth of the new cells. So, what happens is that there is a collision with the old and the new and since the old cells are not removed, the skin gets infected. A deficiency in vitamins and other minerals can also lead to the skin issue.

How can it be cured?
Scalp psoriasis often leaves people at the height of discomfort; however, if treated with the best medications, one can get rid of the problem through with time. Don’t self-medicate or consume over-the-counter medicines. Always seek help of a skin expert. In most common cases, the dermatologists suggest their patients to apply a medicated shampoo and conditioner, and can prescribe an ointment as well.

In case the skin problem is too rigid, then the doctor generally asks the patients to apply the medicine that is addressed to arrest the problem. At times the doctors suggest injections in case the problem is severe. However, in the beginning, the dermatologists often prescribe medicines to make the damaged skin layers soft.
In case you are suffering with any of the symptoms, it is advisable to consult a dermatologist so that it helps the patients to try a remedy soon. If you neglect the same, it might be difficult to cure the skin issue. Hence, the moment you get to see any of the symptoms, consult a doctor, who can diagnose it and treat it on time.

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