Seven fruits and vegetables that burn fat

Processed foods, sugary foods and additives clog your digestive system, slow down your body metabolism and lead to weight-gain. Hence it is very important to consume clean foods like fruits and vegetables to aid your weight-loss efforts. They not only contain powerful fat burning properties but are also packed with nutrients essential for a healthy lifestyle. Listed below are seven foods that burn fat by boosting your body’s metabolism.

Kale is one of the best nutrient-packed vegetables you can add to your diet. It is rich in vitamin C, beta carotene, iron and calcium. It kick starts your digestive system and contains vegetable proteins that help with strength training. Consuming four cups of kale provides enough detoxifying nutrients to keep your body detoxed.

Avocados contain monounsaturated fat which effectively helps in preventing the distribution of fat around the belly. According to a study in the Diabetes Care journal, it does so by down-regulating the expression of fat genes. Avocados have a high calorific value. Hence, stick to eating half to get the desired results.

Berries contain polyphenol. They are antioxidants that prevent the creation and accumulation of body fats. Berries help in getting the most out of your workouts by enhancing the blood flow to your muscles. Include a variety of berries in your smoothies to satisfy your sweet cravings and burn body fat.

Grapefruits are rich in phytochemical that boost the production of a fat burning hormone called adiponectin. Additionally, some studies have found that grapefruits help in fat breakdown by activating calorie-burning brown fat cells. Include grapefruits in your salads to add some zing and accelerate your wight-loss efforts.

Apples are a rich source of fibre and are low in sugar content. They make for a good addition to your diet as they take longer to digest, thereby keeping you satiated. They are also rich in antioxidants that help in preventing metabolic syndrome.

Broccolis are packed with vitamins A, B9, C and K. They are effective fat burning foods as they are rich in protein and fibre. They help in reducing the calorie intake by keeping you full for a longer time.

Asparagus is high in iron in addition to fibre and protein. It can be incorporated as a delicious fat burning side dish in your meals. Packed with vitamin A, it is also very good for keeping your eyes and immune system healthy.

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