Treatment for pain in the upper back and neck

Back pain can be debilitating especially when it affects the upper back and neck area. Common causes for upper back and neck pain include maintaining poor posture when standing, sitting and moving about. Hence people who spend most of their day in front of a computer often complain of upper back pain. Being overweight, sports injuries, smoking and not lifting heavy weights properly can also cause this sort of back pain. Upper back, neck treatment for pain should not be ignored as this condition can worsen if not addressed in time. A few quick ideas for upper back, neck treatment are as follows.

Cold Compress: Applying an ice pack over the area can help numb the area and relieve pain. A cold compress lowers the internal temperature and metabolic rate of the tissues thus preventing fluid accumulation and swelling. Ideally a cold compress should not be held in place for longer than 15 minutes at a stretch. You could also alternate between hot and cold packs.

Walk upright: Maintaining the right posture is crucial to preventing and treating upper back and neck pain. When you stand, imagine a taut line connecting your chest to the sky. Do not let your shoulders hunch while you walk and look straight ahead instead of downwards. This can also be followed when you are sitting. At all times try to keep your back as straight as possible.

I Stretches: Stretches are important for upper back neck treatment. Sit on an armless chair with our back straight and feet firmly on the floor. Allow your arms to hang straight down beside your knees. With your palms facing each slowly lift your hands till they are stretched over your head. Hold in place for a minute before slowly lowering them again. Repeat this stretch a few times without lifting your shoulders.

W stretch: Stand straight against a wall with your feet aligned to your shoulders and hands by your side. Stretch your arms out straight in front of you and then pull your elbows back so as to touch the wall. Now try making the backs of your palms touch the wall beside your shoulders so as to create a “W.” Hold the position for 30 seconds and release. Repeat this thrice. Stretches for upper back neck treatment can be done one to three times a day.

Head Tilt: Once the pain has subsided a little, you should try stretching your neck muscles. Sit upright on a chair with your arms beside you. Without bending your back try and bend your head to one side as much as possible. Do not push yourself too hard and bend your neck only as much as is comfortably possible. Bring your head back to the straight position and bend it towards the other shoulder. You can do as many as ten repetitions of this stretch.

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