Three color myths about interior paints and why you should bust them!

Home interiors reflect your personality and your sense of style. To a large extent, the interiors of your home are defined by the wall color themes and interior paint design ideas. When it comes to choosing the colors for the interior walls, you might be overwhelmed with the choices and shades available in the market. More than that, you will also come across some aspects of interior home painting that will make you consider and re-consider your choices. While yes, some aspects are important and will have a bigger impact on your interior wall themes, but some are nothing more than just myths.

Here, we have the most common myths that you need to know about interior paints.

  • A small room will look smaller when you add some color to it.
    This is a common saying that you may come across when you choose bright interior paints. However, the reality is that room-size and color don’t have much in common. Whether you leave the walls of your room pale or add some nice color to it, the visual size will not have any impact. But yes, one idea suggests that your room might seem bigger if you paint the adjacent room with the same color. This will make the borders between rooms disappear and give your home a spacious feel.
  • If you have dark furniture, go for lighter walls
    As a matter of fact, surrounding dark furniture with pale, off-white walls is the biggest interior paint disaster. This is because the extreme contrast will make the furniture stand out and this will make your room look very congested. Deep, saturated colors on the walls will blend well with dark toned furniture and make more design sense.
  • With no natural light, deep colors on walls will look gloomy
    If you have small windows, you may be advised to go for light colors on the walls while choosing interior paints. However, the lack of natural light isn’t the concern. Colors will emphasize on small spaces and add a personal feel to your room.
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