Tips to make your living room look elegant

Living rooms are meant for relaxing and socializing. It’s normally the first room in the house that you or your guests enter, so definitely it has to look mesmerizing. Choosing the right color and decor for the walls is the very first step in making an impact. Here are some ideas that you can incorporate to give your living room walls a new and lively makeover.

Dark Is the new light- Instead of painting your walls white, beige, sunrise or of similar shades; try bolder hues. Ink Blue walls decorated with white artworks, makes a calm and soothing backdrop. Decorate with a large flower painting on white canvas to give your living room a bigger and brighter look.

Irregular Wall Shelf Racks- Irregular wall shelf racks adds creativity to your living room. These shelves serve as an eye catching canvas to arrange your showpieces and pieces of art. The contrast of a wooden or painted shelf against a bright wall color adds intrigue to a room. An array of modern options is available in a variety of material, shapes, sizes and colors to help you choose from as per your taste.

Wall Decals- Decals or wall tattoo are vinyl stickers that ranges from simple small wall borders and cut outs to complex art works covering entire walls. They feature words, pictures and designs and come in various shapes and sizes. Decorate your living room walls with wall decals inspired by your love for nature, travel, music or almost anything.

Paintings and Sketches- Decorating walls with paintings is an age old way to add beauty and expression to the room. If it’s your hobby is to draw or paint, you can frame your own work too. There are numerous options available in the market or online shoppers ranging from traditional designs to modern art forms. You also get replicas of intrinsic portraits by famous artists. Pick the one that you can connect to.

Rugs as Wall Hangings- Rugs are as beautiful off the floor as they are on. When used as wall hangings they can create full, interesting, and beautiful rooms. Cover your living room wall with a large rug that covers almost the entire wall. It will not only enhance the look but also cost effective. To cover a wall corner that’s feeling left out, use a small or narrow rug with pattern. It is perfect to fill the transitional spots on the wall. Aside from this, a graphic styled woolen rug can add the much needed color and fun to your living room.

Try out these simple and fun ideas to revamp your living room!

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