6 Reasons why you should adopt puppies

Every creature you see today is a wonderful creation of God. however, not everybody thinks so. Many people buy pets and use them as toys for mere entertainment or as a prop on social media for a titled lifestyle.

Such people treat the animals miserably and even abandon them on the streets to die. If they’re lucky they find their ways to animal shelters. The number of abandoned pets are on the rise in these shelters. Each year, these shelters end up euthanizing the older ones to make room for the babies and the younger ones.
And this is the reason why you should adopt an animal from one these shelters rather than buying them from a store. Let’s look at some of the reasons why you should consider adopting puppies:

You will save a life
Every year approximately 2.7 million animals get euthanized in the United States. This is simply because there is no room for more animals. By adopting one, you’ll actually end up saving a precious life.

You’ll have a loving best friend
A dog is a man’s best friend. Abandoned dogs are generally terrified of new people as they have been hurt by their owners before. Their past haunts them and they become protective of themselves. They don’t show affection like others and it takes time for them to get adjusted to. A little love from your side is all that it takes for them to bounce back to their usual loving self.

It is more than just affordable
You don’t have to shell out too much money to adopt a pet. You need to pay a meager shelter charge to take one of these animals home. And if you’re getting one from the streets, it’s completely free.

Vaccinations and treatment
Most shelter groups and rescue centers give the animals a dose of necessary vaccines and treatments before the pets go up for adoption. The animals are neutered or spayed as well.

The presence of a pet dog increases your safety by a whopping 70%. Research says that humans tend to survive better with pets. The animals, especially dogs are very sensitive to sensing emotions. They know when their humans are blue and they immediately become their comfort suppliers.

Save lives
By adopting one pet, you can save others from being euthanized. Adopting a pet makes room for another one and allows the shelters to take in more animals and give them food and space to live.

For a genuine dog lover, things like breed, age, color etc. don’t matter. If you’re one and you’re planning to get a dog, adopt one instead of buying one and encouraging the breeding business.

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