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The Carolina boots make boots for working men and women, who need a boot that is 100% effective in varying job conditions. Carolina boots are made with industry specific designs. They are crafted with high-end materials and construction techniques.

Carolina boots are designed for hard, dangerous work and also for everyday work. The company does not only produces and sells job-specific boots but also educate their clients about the right boots for the right job.

Owned by H.H Brown, Carolina Boots got started under the Double H boots brand. They started in Richland, Pennsylvania back in 1955. They then provided western or cowboy boots and in 1970, they became the first in the U.S to manufacture a cowboy boot with a safety toe.

As the safety footwear business continues to grow and expand its facility. They relocate their customer care center in 2016 to Martinsburg, Blair County Pennsylvania.

Some best-selling Carolina Boots:

Carolina Waterproof composite toe boot
The Carolina waterproof composite toe boots are a good choice for those who are working all day and night on a construction site irrespective of the weather. The composite toe is non-metallic. It is also electrical hazard rated. They can be used in dangerous construction or factory zones. The Scuba waterproof liner keeps the water out. The rubber outsole is slip resistant and provides proper grip in both water and oil.

Carolina Gor-Text logger Boot
These types of logger boots are commonly worn by loggers working long days. The Carolina ST gram Gor Tex logger boots will could be good choice. The 400 grams of insulation keeps the feet and ankles warm in the cool weather and vice versa. The tip is protected with a steel toe, triple-rib steel shank and a heavy-duty sole that has an aggressive tread design. These boots are also oil and slip resistant.

Carolina Waterproof Metatarsal Boot
These are the types of boots that need the ultimate protection and comfort, providing durability at the same time, to withstand the daily wear and tear of a hard day’s work. One such type of Metatarsal boot is the Carolina 7 waterproof metatarsal boot. It’s toe is an aluminum safety toe with contourical non-metallic metguard that protects against heavy objects and dangerous equipment. The toe and the heel are made up of abrasion resistance leather. The waterproof liner keeps the water out and the insole is cushioned with a removable EVA foot bed.

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