Fashion hacks for summer 2017

The last thing you want on your body when summer kicks in is extra layers of clothing. You want to be cool and breezy. When dressing for heat, you can make an outfit elegant as well as cool.

Whether you are beach bound, or off to a cocktail party in the evening, summer clothing should be airy and fun. There are staples like cotton and linen for beating the heat, then there are crop tops and shorts too!

Read on to know some 2017 hacks that you can try out this summer!

Go for linen instead of denim
Denim are good! For rough rugged use, they are perfect. But in summers, they can trap excessive moisture leading to chafing or friction. Linen or cotton pants work like a charm. Linen pants are also a classic summer choice. Pair a natural colored loose pair of drawstring waist pants with a white linen shirt, for ultimate ease and comfort. Dress it up with gold jewelry or some natural wooden accessories.

They are breathable and allow sweat to evaporate, keeping you dry and cool. You can also choose cotton shorts that you can rock both on a beach, or at a casual party.
Don’t forget to carry a bandanna or a wicker hat for extra style and to keep the sun off your head.

Invest in dresses
Dresses are the ideal summer wear. They have no restrictive waistbands, and easy to wear, and allow easy airflow around the body, keeping you cool. For work, a classic fitted knee length dress keeps your look professional. Throw a blazer on over the top if the air conditioning in the office gets too cool!

If you’re at a party or at the beach, or just chilling at home, try a maxi dress. With a variety of necklines and styles, there is something to suit everyone. This season, stripes and florals are in style, so buy something colorful to stay in fashion.

You need sun protection for your eyes. The variety of styles available is huge, both the frames and lenses. The best lenses are Polaroid, which provides sun protection and offer the best glare reduction too. Frames can be whatever suits you- whether it’s a classic Hepburn-inspired style or a modern aviator. Try on a variety of styles and choose the pair that suits your face shape best.

Footwear is arguably the most important thing to consider. Sandals offer a wide variety of choices and the most airflow around the foot. This ensures sweat is kept to a minimum, and it’s healthier for your feet. You can choose flats for daywear, and towering stilettos for party wear, as is your preference.

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