The shoe heel encyclopedia

Think you’re the queen of heels? Well think again! Getting the right heel style for your footwear can add to its form. Let’s get down to the nuts and bolts of shoe heels.
Knowing about shoe heels can help you make a wiser choice regarding getting the right footwear.

It can also save you time, and money. We’ve chalked out the ultimate no-brainer no-nonsense heel guide for you so keep reading.

  • Kitten Heels – Comfort, fashion and the sass of a cat. These heels are most commonly worn in parties and work events.
  • Pumps – Pump your feet up and high with these super high yet gorgeous heels. Colorful and high, pumps can add style and are low cut round the foot. Pumps are a classic shoe, going from work to party in no time.
  • Stilettos – The true queen of heels and justly defined so. Stilettos are the highest you can get in the heels department. These are visually appealing and make your legs look taller and well-shaped.
  • Ankle Strap Heels – If you’d like to show off those beautiful ankles and add a touch of French chic to your feet, these can help. Very comfortable, with the straps going around the ankle for security and extra comfort.
  • Wedge heels – The most secure and comfortable heel, wedges are the ultimate summer show. Normally with a canvas or espadrille sole, these are solid and perfect with summer dresses.
  • Cone heels – Wide at the soles of the feet and narrow at the base, cone heels are a fashion occasional item.
  • Sling back heels – A strap which wraps around the back of the heel, sling back heels offer stability. Talk about elegance with functionality.
  • Platform heels – With a platform sole and wide stable heel, these first emerged in the 1970’s. Comfortable and fun to wear.
  • Peep toe heels – Peep toes show a touch of toe, letting you show off your favorite glossy nail polish. Made popular by iconic pin-up girls in the 1940’s.
  • Cork high heels – The heel is made of cork, they vary in height and style. A softer and cushioned look is achieved with this material.
  • High heeled boots – These add some serious chic to your feet and pair well with skirts, jeans and dresses. However the best thing about boots in winter- keep Jack Frost away!
  • Ankle booties – Perfect for spring or fall days, ankle boots cover everything and are a notch down from high heeled boots. They can cut you off at the ankle, visually, so can make your legs seem shorter.
  • Spool heels – Think spool thread. Thicker at the sole of the feet, narrower in the middle and flatlines at the base.
  • Mules – These have solid leather going over the vamp. The height can vary and the style has been revised and reborn a number of times in history.
  • Ballroom Dance Shoes – Best suited for prom nights and ball dances, these have an enclosed back and an ankle strap over the heel.
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