4 Popular 60- and 65-Inch TVs

There are plenty of options in the market right now for enormous 60- or 65-inch 4K TV sets. The TV is very large, so it is important to consider the dimensions of your house or the wall you intend to set it up on before purchasing one. The size of the room and window to door ratio are very important. The brightness of your room is also another factor apart from the price of the model when considering buying a 60- or 65-inch TVs. Let us examine some of the best 60- and 65-inch TVs available today.

While many debate the merits of OLED vs QLED, LG’s OLED screen really packs a punch. LG is known to make the OLED panels for other manufacturers in the market as well with their own LCD screen technology. It is almost impossible to get a similar cinematic experience from any other manufacturer. The color, contrast, and black levels are comparable to the splendor and brilliance of the cinema down the street. It has a flawless WebOS interface as well that makes it a contender in the Smart TV space as well.

Samsung 65Q9FN
Compared to the LG OLED TV, this Samsung QLED TV is much brighter, which means that the HDR images are so crisp and sharp that they are sure to impress you. It also has an upscale engine that automatically makes the content of any resolution look spectacular. While the black levels on a 65-inch OLED TV may be marginally better, the QLED has made significant improvements over previous models to ensure there is no halo effect with its direct LED lighting. While the sound is spectacular,r the image may not appear as sharp from all angles.

Panasonic TX65FZ952B
This model from Panasonic is extremely sleek and well-designed and really adds a touch of class to your living room. It also comes with a sound bar that has 12 drivers, so the sound quality is par excellence. The processing and technology behind this 65-inch TV are superb, but it is priced on the higher side as compared to other models in this category. The picture quality is known for its great handling of shadow areas; however, it lacks Dolby Atmos and Vision.

Vizio E-Series
One of the best TVs in the 60-inch category is the Vizio E-series with its HDR compatibility and 4K resolution. It is also very well-designed and its smart interface really adds to the whole experience. While there are not many 60-inch TV sets in the market, this one takes the cake.

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